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Children's Dentistry

Children's Dentistry

Your child’s experience with good dental health will provide him/her with confidence and will help provide life-long skills in maintaining a mouth free from disease.

Tooth decay unfortunately is still prevalent in our society. We can work with your child in a friendly environment, educating them on how to clean their teeth and on their diet and also at the same time providing them with excellent dental care, allowing them to grow up in an environment where they will regard the dentist as a friend and mentor in a life-long journey with good dental health.

Fissure Sealants
New permanent teeth have deep grooves which make them prone to decay. Fissure sealants or groove sealants when applied early will protect these teeth from developing decay and save your child from experiencing pain and avoid costly repair work.

Orthodontic diagnosis
We will also be able to identify and diagnose early if your child has growth problems with the teeth and jaws so that appropriate orthodontic treatment can be performed to allow normal growth and to achieve a fabulous smile.

Mouth guards
An essential preventive appliance if your child is into contact sports. Trauma to teeth is often debilitating and costly to rectify. We provide custom fitted mouth guards so that your child can continue with their favourite sport, knowing that their teeth and gums are protected.


Do check with us if your child is eligible for Medicare bulk billing dental services under the Child Dental Benefit Scheme.